Replace an object

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When you want to replace one object with another object, Author assigns all of the relationships from the first object to the replacement object. For example, Object A is an image that is used in a topic. Using the Replace action, Object B is selected to replace Object A. After the Replace action has been completed, Object B appears in the topic instead of Object A, and Object B is assigned to any other relationships that had been assigned to Object A.

Before replacing objects, be sure none of the objects using or used by this object are currently in use.

To check if any related objects are open (locked):

  1. Locate the object that you want to replace, then right-click the object and select Show Relationships.
  2. Look for any locked objects in the Show Relationships window. The lock icon (small padlock) indicates that the related object is open in one of the applications that enable editing.
  3. Close any locked objects before continuing with the replacement.

To replace an object with another object:

  1. Be sure that all objects that have a relationship with the object you are replacing are closed, as described above. Replacement will not happen if any related objects are open.
  2. Open the object that you want to replace (Object A).
  3. From the main menu, select Manage > Versioning > Replace.

    Replace selected object

  4. When the Select Object browse window opens, browse to and select the object with which you want to replace the current object (Object B).
  5. In the message box, click Yes. Author applies all of the first object's relationships to the second object.