Remove an object from a book

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Occasionally you'll need to remove an object from a book when you're updating a document.

To remove an object from a book:

  1. Open the book and select the object that you want to remove. You can also multi-select a group of objects to remove them at the same time.
  2. Right-click on the object and then click Remove.


    Click Remove from the Book Contents toolbar.


    Press the Delete key on the keyboard.

    The object is removed from the book.

    Important: If the object has children, they will also be removed.

  3. Save your changes to the book.

    Note: A confirmation window displays if the object is not used anywhere else in the Library. You can choose whether or not to delete the object (you must have the appropriate security permissions to delete the object from the library folder that contains it). Be careful: When you delete an object from the library, it cannot be recovered.