Release states enforce structure validation for topics

Add and manage content

Assign a release state to the structure properties to enforce validation at a selected point in the content life cycle. The "enforce" release state only gets assigned to content that conforms to all of the rules in the structure builder. Until a topic reaches that point it can have any of the other release states assigned.

Enforcing Topic Level Validation


During the content creation and review cycles, topics use release states that do not require validation. This allows content to be modified or updated as required.


The "enforce" release state is used to verify content has been completed. Only topics that have validated content can have the release state assigned.

Ordinary release states

Ordinary release states are assigned to content as it moves through the content life cycle. By using release states that are not specified in the structure builder you can move topics through the creation and review cycle, and update them as required. When the topic has been completed and the content validates, the content moves to the enforced release state.

"Enforce" release state

Once the enforce release state has been assigned to a topic you still hav the option to modify the content, but only if the modifications do not break validation. However, if the validation breaks and you still want to save your changes to the topic, you must either change the release state assigned to the topic or create a duplicate of the object and save the changes to the duplicate of the object, leaving the original unchanged.