Related topic groups

Add and manage content

Author's Related Topic Groups feature automatically compiles lists of related topics when you publish your document.

Related Topics enable your users to know what they can expect to find in a chapter or section, as well as to help them find related information.

Where the links come from

The Related Topics group can be created from the topics in the section, by using relationships such as Previous, Next, Parent, or Child. You can also add specific topics that have a relationship to the current topic.

The settings for the Related Topics are usually part of an object template (and are inherited by topic objects based on that template). A specific set of links included in a template or object is referred to as Related Topics group.

Related Topic groups can be modified

You can modify Related Topics groups by selecting the types of links that are generated, changing the position or look of the related topics links, and adding specific links to a group. You can also change the order in which the related topics appear.

Important: You can create a new topic template by basing it on an existing template, but any Related Topics groups will not be inherited by the new template. However, you can quickly copy the Related Topics group to the new template.