Promoting, Demoting or Moving an Index Entry

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Index entries are arranged in a hierarchy in the Index object. You can promote, demote, and move entries around to get them into the order you want.

To promote, demote, or move an Index Entry:

  1. In the Index Entries tab, select the object you want to move.
  2. Promote, demote, or move the object by using:
    • The Index Outline toolbar buttons Contents Move Buttons.
    • The right-click menu options.
    • Drag and drop.

      Note: Options are disabled when they are not valid. For example, you cannot demote an object that is the last branch in a tree.

  3. If you drag and drop, the object is moved directly beneath the object you drop it on. You can also use the special positioning commands as you drop the object.

Special positioning commands

When you're dragging and dropping objects, you can also specify other positioning relative to the object you're dropping onto, by holding down these keys:

  • SHIFT: Insert directly above the object.
  • ALT: Insert demoted, as a child of the object.
  • CTRL: Insert a copy directly below the object.
  • CTRL + SHIFT: Insert a copy directly above the object.
  • CTRL + ALT: Insert a copy demoted, as a child of the object.