Glossary in a multilevel structure

Add and manage content

The glossary rule belongs to the group of front and back matter rules. Glossary object rules are preset allowing one instance, and using a fixed sequence. When you complete the rule you need to update the allowed objects list, then move the rule to the appropriate location in the structure builder.

Content or style guide rules

  • Each product guide must include a glossary, and each glossary must include at least one definition topic.
  • Each product may have a different number of definitions in its glossary.
  • The glossary should always be added directly before the Index.
  • Glossary definitions are added as children of the Glossary object to ensure the glossary is formatted correctly in the published document.

Structure rules

Glossary Rules

Group settings

The group settings are taken from the Glossary Rule. The group is mandatory. The group has a fixed sequence and must be added to the book directly before the Index.


  • Rule 16: Glossary

    One instance of the Glossary object must be used in the book and must use the Glossary of Terms object. Location sequence is Fixed - must be used before the Index.

  • Rule 17: Glossary Term

    At least one Glossary definition must be added to the book. The location sequence is Fixed -the topics must added after the Glossary object and must be demoted one level in the book's content pane. The definition topics must be based on the Glossary Term template.