Fixed paragraph rules

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In the following example, rules allow up to two paragraphs in a topic, with up to one using each style. The rules are fixed so they must be used in this order, a paragraph with the Sub Heading style followed by a paragraph with Body Text. The attributes allow optional use of the rule, but define a maximum use of one paragraph based on each style.

The paragraph rules are defined as the number of occurrences, the location sequence, the allowed style:



Sub Heading



Body Text

Reference Paragraph Validation Examples

  • Example One: Topic text is valid

    Both paragraphs have been used once, and in the order defined in the structure.

  • Example Two: Topic text is valid

    The Body Text paragraph is optional.

  • Example Three: Topic text is valid

    The Sub heading paragraph is optional.

  • Example Four: Topic text is invalid

    This is because the rules have a fixed order in the structure and the correct order has not been used in the topic.