First chapter in a multilevel structure

Add and manage content

A group is created in the structure for the content used in the first chapter. The group is created from the parent and child relationship (created when rules are demoted beneath the First Chapter rule).

Content or style guide rules

  • The first chapter group is added to the book after the table of contents. This chapter uses the First Chapter Template to ensure chapter numbering is set correctly.
  • The first chapter is used to give an overview of the product, and optionally include installation details.
  • The topics and installation guide should always be demoted beneath the first chapter topic so they display correctly in the table of contents.
  • The first topic in the chapter must be overview topic which briefly describes the product.
  • An installation guide sub book is not required for all products, but if it is added there should only be one installation guide added to a product guide.
  • Additional overview topics may be required for some products. However, not all products require the additional pages so their use should be optional.

Structure rules

First Chapter Rules

Group settings

The group settings are taken from the First Chapter Rule. One occurrence of the group must be used in the book. The sequence is fixed so the group is added to the book in the order used in the structure.


  • Rule 3: First Chapter Rule

    One chapter must be added to the book directly after the Table of Contents. Location sequence is Fixed - must be added directly after the table of contents. Allowed object - the topic must be based on the First Chapter template.

  • Rule 4: First Overview Topic Rule

    One topic must be added after the First Chapter topic, the location sequence is Fixed. The topic content must be demoted to create a parent/child relationship in the book's content pane.

    This rule is created to ensure that the sub book cannot be added directly after the first chapter topic.

  • Rule 5: Overview Topic Rule

    Up to nine additional topics can be added to the first chapter. The occurrences have been set as zero to nine, additional overview topics are optional but no more that nine extra topics are allowed. Location sequence is set to Flexible.

    The overview and sub book rules are both flexible, meaning you can have any combination of the extra overview topics and the installation guide after the first overview topic.

  • Rule 6: Sub Book Rule

    Inclusion of a sub book is optional, but a maximum of one object is allowed. Location is set to Flexible - the sub book can be added after the First Overview topic, or after any of the extra topics in this chapter. Only sub books based on the Installation Guide template can be added.