FAQ chapter in a multilevel structure

Add and manage content

A separate chapter is added to the example product guide to answer frequently asked questions. A group is created in the structure when a parent/child relationship is created by demoting a rule beneath the FAQ Chapter rule.

Content or style guide rules

  • The FAQ chapter is added after the First Chapter and User Guide chapters.
  • The product guide should never include more than one FAQ chapter.
  • When the FAQ chapter is included in the book it must contain at least one answer to a question.

Structure rules

FAQ Chapter Rules

Group settings

The group settings are taken from the FAQ Chapter Rule. The group is optional, but a maximum of one occurrence of the chapter is allowed. The group has a flexible sequence and is listed adjacent to the Reference Chapter group in the structure, so the order of the FAQ group and the Reference group can be swapped in the book.


  • Rule 12: FAQ Chapter

    The FAQ Chapter is optional, but when used only one occurrence of chapter can be added to the book. Location sequence is set to Flexible - can be used in the book before or after the Reference Chapter, but cannot be used before the User Guide chapters or after the Glossary or Index.

  • Rule 13: FAQ Topic

    At least one FAQ topic must be used when the FAQ Chapter is added to the book. The location sequence is Fixed - the topics must be added after the FAQ Chapter topic, and be demoted to child topics in the book's content pane.