Delete an object from the library

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Permanently deleting an object from your library is simple, but it's not always necessary. In many cases, you may only need to remove the object from the book you're working with, which leaves the object available to use in other books. Note that it isn't possible to permanently delete an object if other objects still use it.

Caution: After you delete an object from the library, it cannot be recovered.

To delete an object from the library:

  1. In the Library Explorer, select the object (or objects) that you want to delete.
  2. Right-click on the object and then click Delete. Author will delete each object only if:
    • You have the correct security permissions to delete objects from the library folder that contains them. Contact your Library's Security Administrator for help with permissions.
    • The object is not being used by other objects. If it is used by other objects, a confirmation message appears showing relationships to other objects. You must remove the object from the relationship before you can delete it.