Create a new hyperlink object

Add and manage content

Many of the hyperlinks you create will be used to link to other topics in your book.

To create a link to a topic:

  1. Select the source text in your topic. The link is applied to this text in your published online output, while the cross reference information is added after the text in your printed output.
  2. Click Edit > Insert > Insert Hyperlink Object.

    The Select Hyperlink window opens.

  3. Click New.

    A new Hyperlink object is created and its properties window opens, displaying the General tab. Enter a Description for the object, and then select a template from the Based On list.

  4. Switch to the Hypertext Links tab. Locate the topic you want to link to in the book contents or Library Explorer,then drag and drop the topic into the Internal object links list.

    Repeat this procedure to create multiple targets.

  5. Save your changes.

    The Hyperlink object closes, and the hot spot is applied to the text.

  6. Save the changes to your topic.

Note: If you have more than one hyperlink in a book that uses a character style on part of the hyperlink you end up with a broken hyperlink from the second instance onward. 

Ordering of hyperlinks when there are multiple targets


In the Author Editor, the hyperlink object user interface form attempts to save and load the targets in the order in which they are added. However, if these targets are later edited, the order becomes indeterminate. There is no up or down control for setting the order in this form, but you can move a target topic to be last in the list by removing it, then re-adding it.

In Author-it XML, the targets are listed in the same order as they are shown in the user interface.

When publishing to Word and HTML, the targets are resolved in order of the Object Code (ascending). Note, this is not the same order as displayed in the user interface.