Add an equation to your topic

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To create an equation in your topic:

  1. With the topic open, choose Edit > Insert > Insert OLE object.

    Choose Insert OLE Object OP <Release_Number_External>

  2. Select Create New Object, click OK, then click Microsoft Equation 3.0 as the object type. Click OK.

    Insert OLE Object and Microsoft Equation

  3. The Equation Editor opens. Use the editor to create the equation.
  4. To save and add the equation to the File object, in the Equation Editor's menu click File > Exit and Return TerObject.

    Saving an Equation in the Equation Editor

  5. Name and save the File object.

You can edit the equation by opening the File object, and double-clicking the equation in the preview pane to open the editor.

Important: You can also create and save an equation as an image file (for example, a .gif or .wmf file). If you do, you must add this file to the topic as an embedded or linked picture file rather than an OLE object.