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Author-it offers training videos to help you come up to speed quickly. If you want to know when new videos are created, just register at the YouTube Author-it video portal.

The following videos are also included in their respective Knowledge Center topics. They stream from the YouTube site in a separate window or tab.

Getting help: Provides information on how to get help if you get stuck.

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Getting Help

General overview Author-it talks: Provides information on how best to use Author-it’s training videos.

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Author-it beginnings (talk)

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Barriers to content management (talk)

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Benefits of component content management

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Web-based content management (talk)

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Content reuse

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Author-it reuse features

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Reusing content in multiple books

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Author-it structured authoring (talk)

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Main roles in Author-it

Setup & configuration : Explains the best way to set up and configure your authoring environment.

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: A simple guide to installing Author-it

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Logging and inserting the license

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Managing release states

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Assigning release states

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Administrator: Managing release states

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Setting password and changing rights

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Customizing Author-it options

Exploring the Author-it interface : An overview on how to navigate around Author-it.

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Exploring the Author-it interface

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Exploring the ribbons

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Review, view, publishing ribbons

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Exploring the security tab

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Exploring the settings tab

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Using the reports tab

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Searching content in Author-it

Library & folders: Explore the library and folder structure in Author-it.

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Exploring the library

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Exploring the folders pane

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Managing the folder structure

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Exploring library objects

Book & topic structure: Learn how to structure your content:

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Structuring content in books

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Pointing book to required object

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Placing books inside books

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Embedding topics

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Editing the topic heading

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Creating index and index entry

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Creating the glossary

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Creating the Table of Figures

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Creating the Table of Contents

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Creating the title page object

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Modifying the related topics

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Using related topics

Importing content into Author-it: Find out important information on what types of files you can import and how to import them.

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Importing content

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Importing content: Overview and properties

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Importing process

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Understanding the importing rules

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Importing FrameMaker files

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Importing MSWord files

Creating, editing, & linking: Learn how to manage your content.

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Creating your content

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Topic editing

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Editing controls

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Editing history

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Hypertext link objects

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Linking to URL and emails

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Topic to topic links

Objects, styles, & templates: Learn the function of objects in Author-it.

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Objects list area

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Blueprint of an object

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Insert graphic into topic

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Embedded and linked graphics