Structured authoring in Contribute - On Premises R2020

Structured Authoring

Structured authoring templates are created in Author. The Editor in Author displays the structure rules for the object, and validation against each of the content rules for the object.

In Contribute, authors can view topics or books based on structured templates and their "object-level" validation status (whether all of the rules for the object have validated or not). Structured Authoring rules, such as paragraph rules in a topic, or object structure rules in a book, cannot be viewed in Contribute. Object-level validation is checked in Contribute when a release state is applied to content.

The folder list shows the following object-level validation states for objects:

  • Valid (Tick Icon) - Object is valid against it's structure.
  • Invalid (Cross Icon) - Object is invalid against it's structure.
  • Unvalidated (Empty) - Object isn't structured.