Enabling Internet Information Services - On Premises R2020

On-premises requirements, installation, and upgrade guide

  • To configure settings for IIS:
  1. Go to Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows features On or Off.
  2. In Internet Information Services, enable the following then click OK.

    Note: IIS is listed under Server Roles as Web Server if you are using a web server to host your site.

    Web Management Tools

    • IIS Management Console

      World Wide Web Services (or Web Server)

    • Application Development Features
      • .NET Extensibility 4.x
      • ASP.NET 4.x
      • ISAPI Extensions
      • ISAPI Filters

        Common HTTP Features

    • Default Document
    • Directory Browsing
    • HTTP Errors
    • Static Content

      Health and Diagnostics

    • HTTP Logging

      Performance Features

    • Static Content Compression


    • Request Filtering

      40% Template

Note: You'll need to do this for all application servers (web and application services).