Set up the Magellan Publishing Profile - On Premises R2020


The Magellan publishing profile runs a powershell script (magellan.ps1) that is installed in the Magellan Compilers folder after installing 2020.R2.

Note: If you are publishing centrally, run the installer on the publishing server, or otherwise copy this script to the server.

Important: If any of the these items are not on your system, you may need to do a full uninstall of Author-it and then rerun the 2020.R2 installer.

  • To set up the Magellan publishing profile
  1. Add a command line action to the publishing profile to run the magellan.ps1 powershell script.

    Magellan script setup 1

  2. Enter a Description for the action.
  3. In the Command field, enter the path to the powershell script file: magellan.ps1.
  4. The Arguments field requires a full argument string containing all the elements detailed in the following table. It must be entered as one line with one space between each argument. Do not add any hard returns or extra characters.

    Example argument:

    -WindowStyle Hidden -ExecutionPolicy bypass -File "C:\Program Files\Author-it\Compilers\Magellan\magellan.ps1" -PublishFolder "<SYS_PUBLISH_FOLDER>" -SaxonFolder "C:\Program Files\Saxonica\SaxonPE9.7N" -ResolvedXML "<SYS_PUBLISH_FILENAME>" -LocaleCode "<SYS_LOCALE_ABBREVIATION>" -MagellanFolder "C:\Program Files\Author-it\Engines\Magellan" -IndexerFolder "C:\Program Files\Author-it\Compilers\Magellan" -LibraryPath "C:\Author-it data\Data\Libraries" -ThemeFolder "C:\Author-it data\Data\Templates\Magellan Themes\(default)" -ContentFolder "en" -WebserverFolder "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\magellan\<SYS_PUBLISH_BOOK_ID>"

Argument and default value

Explanation of the required value

-WindowStyle Hidden

The powershell script runs in the background without being displayed in a window. Do not edit.

-ExecutionPolicy bypass

This argument makes sure there are no Windows restrictions, so the script can run. There are no warnings or prompts. Do not edit.

-File "C:\Program Files\Author-it\Compilers\Magellan\magellan.ps1"

The location where the powershell script is located, and the filename - magellan.ps1. Change this location if your magellan.ps1 file is located elsewhere.

-PublishFolder "<SYS_PUBLISH_FOLDER>"

A system variable that will add the location of the published output to the argument. Do not edit.

-SaxonFolder "C:\Program Files\Saxonica\SaxonPE9.9N"

The location of the Saxon transformation tools for XML. Change this location if necessary, and check the version is correct.

This path is to the top level Saxon installation folder. The exe file is in a \bin subfolder, but the script will find it as long as that top-level folder is correct.


A system variable that will add the filename of the published resolved XML to the argument. Do not edit.


A system variable that will add the two letter locale code for the language you are publishing to the argument.

-MagellanFolder "C:\Program Files\Author-it\Engines\Magellan"

The location of the Magellan Engine (the Framework). This folder is automatically created during the installation of 2020.R2. Change this location if necessary.

-IndexerFolder "C:\Program Files\Author-it\Compilers\Magellan"

The location of the IndexerConfig.json file, which is in the same folder as the magellan.ps1 file. Change this location if necessary.

-LibraryPath "C:\Users\myaccount\Documents\Author-it Data\Libraries"

The folder path of your library. Change this location if necessary.

-ThemeFolder "\\myserver\Author-it Data\Templates\Magellan Themes\(default)"

The location of the Magellan Themes folders, which were installed with the other Magellan files. If these are located on a publishing server or common network share, this argument must point to that location. Change this location if necessary.

-ContentFolder "en"

The folder into which all the published Magellan output is copied. The default value is "en" but you can change it, especially if you are publishing to different languages.

The path to this folder is also specified in the siteconfig.json file, so if you use a different folder name or naming convention in the siteconfig, you must also change this argument to match the folder name in the siteconfig file.

-WebserverFolder "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\magellan\<SYS_PUBLISH_BOOK_ID>"

Optional. Use this argument if you want to copy your published output directly into your local IIS webserver for viewing, or remove it if not required.

Note: If using this argument, remove the User Access Control (UAC) from the inetpub folder so the publishing process can copy files to it.