Overview Content Page - On Premises R2020

Introduction to Magellan

The figure shows an example of the content page.

The content page consists of:

1. Home button with a logo.

Contains the Company Logo. The Logo is automatically loaded from the "images" folder. It is called "Logo2.png".

You can replace this logo with your own. Make sure to name it "Logo2.png". Make sure that its maximum height is 52 pixels.

Clicking the Logo directs you to the landing page.

2. Chapters overview

Lists all level 1 headings from the main book that are published to Magellan.

NOTE: The chapter headings only display the first 15 characters of the title text.

3. Search functionality

The search functionality is automatically generated.

4. Breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs reveal your location in the Magellan site

5. Table of Contents

Automatically created by Author-it

6. Content

What it is all about

7. Navigation menu

Contains shortcuts to: the Table of Contents, the Index and the Glossary.

8. Toolbar

Use this toolbar to set certain functionalities of the site. See Customizing Magellan for more information.

9. Widgets

Extras to enhance the user experience

10. Ellipsis button

An Ellipsis button is connected to each topic. Use an ellipsis button to add a topic to your favorites, to share a topic or to discuss a topic.

The Content page is automatically generated from the content placed under the Magellan Table of Contents in the book.