Specify header & footer names in Author - On Premises R2020

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To specify headers and footers for your printed document output, tell Author the names of the autotext entries stored in your Word publishing template.

Work through the process by importing the entry names from the template, then adding the entries to the Header group or Footer group.

To specify header and footer names:

  1. Open the Media object and select the Print tab.
  2. Select Headers > Modify Headers or Footers > Modify Footers.

    The Header and Footer Names window opens. From here, import or add the autotext entry names.

    Header and Footer Names

To import header or footer names from a Word template:

  1. Click Import From Word Template....

    The Select the Word File to Open window opens.

  2. Select Word Templates[*.dot, *dotm] from the files of type list.
  3. Select your publishing template, and then click Open.

    Author imports all of the autotext entry names found in the selected template.

To add a header or footer name:

  1. From the Autotext name list, select an entry


    In the Autotext name field, type the entry name.

    Important: Type the name exactly as it appears in Word. If there is an error in the name, errors appear during publishing.

  2. In the type list, select Header or Footer, and then click Add.
  3. Save your changes.