Using the Author-it Xtend advanced search - On Premises R2020

Author-it Xtend

The Author-it Xtend Advanced Search enables you to search for fragments in specific folders or for topics in specific release states.

The settings in the dialog box override the default library settings for that search only. You can complete the search as many times as required by changing the settings and activating the search.

Text Fragment Search

To Search for a Fragment by using the Author-it Xtend Advanced Search:

  1. In the Editor, choose Edit > Author-it Xtend > Advanced Search. The Advanced Search window opens.
  2. Choose relevance or fuzzy matching, and if necessary change the percentage variance.
  3. Use the filtering options to select folders or release states:
    • To search all folders, or all release states, leave the field blank.
    • To search content in a specific folder or group of folders, choose the [...] button next to the folder field, and then select the options from the list. You can select as many folders as you need.
    • To search content in a single release state, select the state from the drop-down list.
    • To search content in multiple release states, choose the [...] button next to the release state field, and then select the options from the list. You can select as many states as you need.
  4. Select Search As I Type to begin searching as you type, or complete the fragment and then choose Search.

Note: Search groups created from the selection lists are saved temporarily to the folders or states drop-down lists, and can be used again as long as the advanced search window remains open. When the window is closed, the group is removed from the drop-down list.