The Authoring Process with Author-it Xtend - On Premises R2020

Author-it Xtend

The following diagram provides an overview of the process used when content is created or reviewed.

Using Authoring Memory

  1. The user begins typing text in a topic.
  2. Using authoring memory, Author-it Xtend searches the SQL database for matching text fragments based on the user options that have been set.
  3. When matching fragments are found, Author-it Xtend displays a reuse pop-up window in the topic listing the suggested matches.
  4. The user views the suggestions. If a suitable fragment has been found the user can insert the suggested fragment, or alternatively insert or embed the topic containing the suggested fragment. If the suggested fragments are not suitable, the user continues typing.
  5. The user continues adding content to the topic.
  6. The database automatically updates on a regular basis, adding the new content and updating details for reused fragments.