Suggestive reuse pop-up window - On Premises R2020

Author-it Xtend

Author-it Xtend includes a suggestive reuse pop-up window for inserting existing fragments into your topics. Rather than manually searching the library for a paragraph, or trying to recreate a paragraph from memory, you can use the suggestive reuse pop-up window to:

  • Display fragments and insert them into your topic.
  • Display topics and embedded topics, and either embed them or paste them as text.

The user option settings enable you to configure the level of similarity required before Author-it Xtend returns suggestions. Depending on how you set the options, you can either type a portion of the paragraph text or a number of keywords from the fragment you are searching for. Once you have typed enough text to meet the minimum requirements, the pop-up window displays fragment matches found in your library. Alternatively, you can trigger the pop-up window at any time that a topic is open by using the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+ENTER) to check if any suggestions have been found.