Noise words - On Premises R2020

Author-it Xtend

Noise words are words that are not considered unique enough to be useful when identifying reusable content. They are usually common words such as the, and, to, and other words that you choose to eliminate from a search.

The result of eliminating noise words from a search is that the user must type more content to reach the minimum number of words before suggestions are made.

The noise words list is created in the Author-it Xtend advanced search options, accessed through the Editor.

The following scenario compares the effect of eliminating noise words, and uses the fragment: ACME Teleportation Devices is the largest manufacturer and distributor of teleportation devices in the world. The user options are set to a minimum of 5 words before suggestions are made.

  • The first search does not eliminate any noise words. The user types a minimum of five words from the fragment before suggestions are returned, for example, "ACME Teleportation Devices is the".
  • The second search ignores the noise words is and the. The user must type more words before Author-it Xtend returns suggestions.