Insert text fragments from the pop-up window - On Premises R2020

Author-it Xtend

You use the reuse pop-up window to insert existing text fragments into a topic. When you insert the fragment, you have several choices: inserting the fragment, inserting the topic containing the fragment (the topic is pasted as text), or embedding the topic containing the fragment into your topic.

To insert a text fragment from the reuse pop-up window:

  1. Begin typing text in a topic. When enough content has been added, based on the user option settings, the reuse pop-up window displays the suggested fragments.

    You can also trigger the pop-up window by using CTRL+ENTER. If Author-it Xtend finds no matching fragments, it displays the message "(no matches found)".

  2. Highlight a fragment in the reuse pop-up window by clicking on it or by using the Up or Down arrow keys on the keyboard.

    <AIT> Xtend Select Fragment in Popup

  3. Press ENTER on the keyboard, or right-click and choose Insert as Text Fragment.