Embed topics from the pop-up window - On Premises R2020

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The reuse pop-up window is used to insert existing text fragments into your topic. When you insert a fragment, you have several choices: inserting the fragment, inserting the topic containing the fragment (the topic is pasted as text), or embedding the topic containing the fragment into your topic.

This topic explains how to embed a topic.

To embed a topic from the reuse pop-up window:

  1. Begin typing text in a topic. When enough content has been added (based on the user option settings), the reuse pop-up window displays suggested fragments.
  2. Select a fragment in the reuse pop-up window by clicking on the fragment or by using the Up or Down arrow keys on the keyboard.
  3. Use the Left or Right arrow keys on the keyboard to display topics containing the selected fragment. The preview pane displays the topic text.
  4. Right-click on the topic's description and then choose Embed Topic, or press SHIFT+ENTER on the keyboard.

    Embed Topic from Xtend Popup