Benefits of Author-it Xtend - On Premises R2020

Author-it Xtend

By taking the granularity of authoring memory to the paragraph level, potential reuse of content is dramatically increased. The primary goal, and requirement of Author-it Xtend, is to make reuse of content automatic and systematic, increasing the volume of reuse and further reducing downstream costs.

Why use Author-it Xtend?

The key benefits of using Author-it Xtend include:

  • The level of authoring memory granularity has been taken to paragraph level. The result is that overall context does not hinder the ability to reuse a single paragraph from a topic.
  • A suggestive reuse pop-up window displays existing fragments similar to the text being typed, enabling the user to type keywords or a portion of the paragraph and then select and insert the full fragment.
  • A reduction in review time and costs by reusing previously reviewed content. Users make intelligent choices about content reuse by seeing how many times a fragment has been reused, and the release states that have been applied to the fragment.
  • An improvement in quality and consistency of documentation throughout the department or company.