Author-it Xtend suggestions - On Premises R2020

Author-it Xtend

Author-it displays the reuse pop-up window when you have typed enough content in the topic to meet the user options settings.

The pop-up window is divided into four columns:

  • Rank and Reuse: Shows the match percentage and the number of topics containing the suggested fragment.
  • Fragment Text: Displays text from the suggested fragment (displaying up to three lines from the fragment). Any identical words in the typed text and the suggested fragments are displayed in bold text.
  • Release States: Displays a colored square that indicates the release states of topics containing the suggested fragments. The release state names are displayed in a tool tip when the cursor is moved over the column.
  • Locales: Displays the target library locale codes when the suggested fragment has been sent to the Author-it Localization Manager. The column does not indicate whether the fragment has been translated.

Reuse Popup

The information in the four columns enables you to select and insert the most appropriate fragment. By seeing how often a fragment has been used, and release states applied to the topics, you can choose fragments that have already been through the edit and review process.

Embedded Topic and File Object may display in an abbreviated form

For performance reasons, some Author-it Xtend results may show in an abbreviated form (without showing content):

  • Embedded topics may be listed like this: <Embedded Topic Code XXXX>
  • File Objects may be listed like this: <File Object Code XXXX>

For example:


The purpose of this display is to alert you that the object is available without actually loading it.

To preview the content of this object, press the Right Arrow Key on the keyboard to display the Topic Context Preview.

See the following topics for more information about reusing text fragments or full topics:

Inserting Text Fragments from the pop-up window

Inserting Topics from the pop-up window

Embedding Topics from the pop-up window