Author-it Xtend - On Premises R2020

Author-it Xtend

Author-it Xtend makes it easy find and reuse content in the library, resulting in an improvement in quality and consistency throughout a company's documentation. By incorporating triggered suggestions and taking reuse granularity to paragraph level, Author-it Xtend dramatically increases the ability to reuse content.

The suggestive reuse pop-up enables intelligent reuse of content. Along with the suggested fragments, additional information is displayed to identify where the fragment is in the review cycle and the number of times it has been reused. If Author-it Localization Manager is used the fragment indicates the target libraries the topic has been sent to. A "context preview" is also provided so you can view the topics where the fragment has already been used.

Note: Author-it Xtend is designed for a server environment utilizing an enterprise-level database, so it functions with SQL Server but not with JET databases.