Structured authoring support in Contribute - On Premises R2020

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Structured authoring should be used in the Author module as it supports and enforces the full range of structured authoring rules.

Important: In Contribute, you can view the validation for structured books and topics in the folder object list. However, if content using structured authoring rules is edited in Contribute the content may become invalidated (by making changes that do not meet the structured authoring rules).


The styles list in Contribute shows all available styles, not the limited list of styles allowed by the structure builder in the Author library.

Assigning the "enforce" release state and checking validation in Contribute

Validation enforcement is checked against the topic when you apply the enforce release from the right-click menu. When you use this method, the content is checked against the structure rules for the template, and if the rules have been met you can assign the enforce release state. If the content does not validate, a message is displayed and the enforce release state cannot be applied.

Step 1: Right-click the topic in the object list and choose Change Release State...

Structured Authoring - Change Release State in Contribute

Step 2: Select the "enforce" release state assigned to the Structured Authoring Template

(the History save prompt may be displayed after selecting the release state if this is set for the library)

Structured Authoring - Enforce Release State Selected

Step 3: The "enforce" release state is successfully assigned if content validates.

If the content does not validate then a message is displayed (shown here) and the enforce release state is not assigned.

Structured Authoring - Message for Invalid Content and Enforce Release State

Updating objects that are not in the enforce validation release state

In the Author and Contribute modules, you can make changes to the topic or book that is in any release state that allows modification. However, in both modules, when the object is not in the enforce release state you can add and save content that may be invalid.

When the folder list is refreshed the validation is updated and you can view the object's validation status. A green tick shows the topic meets the validation rules, a blue cross shows the object does not meet the rules (is invalid).

Assigning the enforce validation release state to an object

In Author and Contribute you can assign the enforce release state to an object as soon as its content has validated. In Contribute the enforce release state is assigned to the topic or book from the object list using the right-click menu (see steps and screenshots for details).

Updating objects that are in the enforce validation release state

In Author, when you are working with topics or books that have validated, and have the enforce release state applied, you cannot make changes that will cause the object to become invalidated. In Contribute you can open a topic, make changes and save content that is not valid.