Magellan - On Premises 6.4

Release Notes

The following major enhancements are now available for Magellan.

Improved site configuration management

The Magellan default site configuration has been separated from any specific configuration required for a site, so there is no conflict when upgrading. Include a copy of the default Site Configuration file in your theme folder and update.

Configuration enhancements

Use new settings in the Site Configuration file to utilize the enhancements.

  • Improve site navigation by configuring the topic heading levels shown in the Table of Contents, Navigation bar and topic context menu.
  • Choose how the Table of Contents displays on site opening: expanded or collapsed.
  • Easily control which social media links appear on the Share menu, or hide the menu altogether.
  • Show the landing page footer on the landing page only or across the whole site, so the same information is always accessible.
  • Choose the scrolling behaviour of your content pages on both PC and mobile devices: infinite scroll or page by page.