Bug fixes - On Premises: 6.4

Release Notes

  • Keyboard Shortcuts now work in Folder name field (Folder renaming task)
  • Locale variants with additional multi-select variant criteria that contain File objects now open
  • Contribute now knows when a topic that was previously locked in Author is no longer locked and is available for editing
  • Magellan - Disqus option no longer appears in the topic ellipsis menu when an admin user disables Disqus in the siteconfig.json
  • Magellan- Disqus option does not appear in topic ellipsis menu when user disables Disqus from the configuration settings
  • Magellan Index tab (A-Z) now shows as many letters as the screen can accommodate
  • Magellan - In the sidebar Resources now displays icons for most common resource types
  • Magellan - Saxon log file now appears in the publish output folder