What is Centralized Publishing? - On Premises: 6.4


For a lot of our publishing processes, we need dedicated software:

  • PDF ProCSS uses Antennahouse and Ghostscript
  • Powerpoint via PDF uses SolidFramework
  • Honeycomb web based training output uses Honeycomb

In a multi-user environment without terminal server usage, we cannot expect that every user has this software locally installed. Also from a maintenance perspective, this is something that should be avoided.

The solution is to install this software in a central location, e.g. a dedicated publishing server. This is of course standard functionality on our cloud. For On Premises, 'Centralized Publishing' takes care of publishing.

Centralized publishing does the following:

  • Queues the publishing jobs that are set for centralized publishing
  • Created dedicated publishing folders for every job on a central location
  • Triggers a plug-in that displays the publishing queue
  • Provides feedback on the state of the publishing job
  • Allows for opening the published output when the publication is ready
  • Cancel a job