Web Help - On Premises: 6.4


Author-it includes Web Help templates for publishing your online content.

Note: Web Help uses a webserver to run the output and is therefore not intended for local or offline help systems.

Knowledge Base Example

The Web Help output publishes content to HTML but moves away from the standard HTML templates in the following ways:

  • Uses JavaScript libraries created by ExtJS 4.1.
  • Publishes the Table of Contents (TOC) as a JSON file (toc.json).
  • Assembles pages using client side JavaScript rather than using a frameset.
  • Implements breadcrumb navigation in the header area, and moves common functions to the header area, such as next and previous pages, email link, send feedback, and print page.
  • Uses the Web Help Publishing Profile to swap the default media objects to the Web Help media objects.
  • Provides an Edit this Topic button allowing end users who have Author-it installed to open the relevant topic within their library as long as they have permissions to access the library.
  • Uses a webhelp.css file to control formatting and overwrite some styles used by other online outputs.