Upgrade previous versions of Web Help for Author-it 6 - On Premises: 6.4


Web Help: The Web Help publishing templates use Extjs 4.1. Extjs 4.1 provides additional support for new browsers, such as IE9.

Note: This version of Extjs supports running Web Help files as online files from a web server however, it doesn't support running the files locally for testing as in previous versions of Extjs.

Additional files used by Extjs 4.1

Extjs uses a number of additional folders and files in the Web Help templates folders.

However, to customize the theme or elements within the user interface, continue to use the files discussed in the customization topics in this guide; most of the image files you need are in the button, panel, tabs, and toolbar folders.

Before upgrading, if you use Web Help, we recommend the following actions:

  1. Rename your existing Web Help template folder, or copy the folder to another location.

    This ensures your existing publishing templates are not overwritten by the new files. After renaming your existing template folder, the upgrade process will create a new Web Help template folder.

  2. Rename the new folder to Web Help 4.1.
  3. Restore your original Web Help templates folder by changing the name back to Web Help, or copy the original templates back to their original location.

From here you have several options depending on if you don't use custom Web Help templates and want to use the new templates, or if you have existing custom templates and want to use the new Extjs 4.1 templates.