Troubleshooting Web Help display issues - On Premises: 6.4


When publishing to Web Help, some pages may not display correctly. This is usually caused when a topic is using a Media object that doesn't point to the Web Help topic.htm publishing template.

For example, your book includes topics based on the Chapter and First Section/First Chapter templates. These templates use Chapter Section and First Section Media objects that point to publishing templates used by other HTML-based outputs (such as Body_Template.htm). When you view your Web Help output the formatting and layout in these pages is not correct. To render the content correctly in Web Help, you must use Media objects that point to the topic.htm publishing template.

The Web Help Publishing Profile

Web Help objects include a Web Help version of the Normal Section media object and the Glossary Section media object, and a Web Help Publishing Profile. As each page is published, Author-it uses the Web Help Publishing Profile to swap the Normal Section media object with the Web Help Normal Section media object (and the Glossary Section media object with the Web Help Glossary Section media object). By swapping the media objects, the formatting in the published output is correct without having to change the templates that topics are based on.

However, your book might use topics based on templates that use other media objects, and these are the pages that are not displayed correctly.


Make use of the publishing profile's ability to swap media objects during publishing. This means that you continue using the existing topic templates even though they point to publishing templates set up for other HTML-based outputs.

First you need to create a Web Help version of each media object used by the topic templates associated with your book, and point the new media object to the topic.htm file. The easiest way to complete the first action is to duplicate the current media object, then make the required changes to the duplicated object.

The next step is to update the Web Help Publishing Profile so it swaps the media objects used by your topic templates to the appropriate Web Help media object required for your output.