Test Centralized Publishing - On Premises: 6.4


  1. Start Author on a PC of an Author-it user.
  2. Publish a book to a profile that is configured for Centralized Publishing.

    You get the following notification:

    The message disappears after a few seconds.

    Next the Remote Publishing Jobs window opens.

    The Remote Publishing Jobs windows shows your centralized publishing jobs and the status of the jobs.

    The following statuses are possible:

    • Pending: the job waits until the publishing server accepts the job.
    • Queued: the job is waiting in the queue for processing.
    • Started: the job is being processed.
    • Completed: the job is ready.
    • Canceled: the job is canceled.
    • Failed
  3. As soon as the job is completed, select the job in the Remote Publishing Jobs window, and click Open folder.

    This will open the folder with the published content.

  4. Repeat this procedure on at least two different computers.