Publishing Console actions - On Premises: 6.4


After you publish a book, you have a series of possible actions to choose from in quick-editing mode.

  • The View button is used to open the published output. quick-editing mode opens the output files in a browser window (for example, HTML, XHTML, Web Help), or displays the Download window enabling you to open the output (for example, Word, PDF, HTML Help).

    Note: To view Web Help, if you are using IIS Manager 6, make sure that you set the Publishing Folder Execute Permission to Scripts only (folder Properties > VirtualDirectory > Execute permissions)

  • The Republish button enables you to publish the book again using the same publishing profile. Variant options (if used) must be selected before the job is submitted.
  • The Download button enables users to download a zip file containing their published content.

    Important: If you are publishing to languages using double-byte characters, ensure you have the latest version of your zip tool installed, and it supports double-byte characters.

  • The Delete button enables you to delete your publishing job, and the files and folders associated with the job. The button is only displayed against entries for successful jobs that you have published. Note: Library Administrators can see other user's publishing jobs and delete them from the library.
  • The Log button is displayed against entries for both successful and failed jobs. Clicking the button displays the Publishing log for that job. The log lists any issues that may have been experienced with the job, for example, reasons for not publishing or any objects the you do not have the correct permissions for. Permissions should be checked as this can result in content being excluded from the output.

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