Publish a book in quick-editing mode - On Premises: 6.4


After you send a book to the publishing list it is displayed in the Select Book to Publish area in the publishing console. When you're ready to publish your document, simply tell quick-editing mode to publish the output formats you need.

To publish a book:

  1. Open the Publishing Options pane and select the book:
    • Recently published books are added to a group in the Recent Publishing Activities, expand the group to locate your book
    • New books that have been added to the list, but not yet published, are located after the publishing groups.

      Publishing a Book

  2. Select the publishing formats. The formats shown in the list are based on the Publishing Profiles that have been created in your Library.
  3. Click Add to Queue to send the book to the publishing service.

    Progress for the job shows in the console's summary pane. It works through a series of actions including submitting the job and processing to chosen outputs (both actions include the option to cancel). Once the job is completed you have the option to view the output or republish. The whole process may take anywhere from seconds to several minutes, depending on the size and complexity of your document.

  4. When the publishing job has been completed click View to open or save the output files.

    Depending on the output, the files are opened in a browser window (for example, HTML, XHTML), or a file download message box is displayed giving you the option open file or save it to local machine (for example, Word, PDF, HTML Help).