Publish a book from quick-editing mode - On Premises: 6.4


When publishing in quick-editing mode, complete most of the process in the Publishing Console.

Important: Publishing Profiles are maintained by ASC | Author-it Software Co. only. Clients cannot create certain Publishing Profiles actions in Author-it Cloud. If you need to create, modify, or delete these actions, log a case as a means of communicating with ASC | Author-it Software Co. Client Services.

To publish a book using quick-editing mode

  1. Locate the book in the folder contents or search results list.
  2. From the book's right-click menu, click Publish Book.

    The book is added to the Select Book to Publish area in the Publishing Console.

  3. Select the book and format, then click Add to Queue.

    Publishing a Book in Live

    The console's summary pane shows the publishing progress. As it works through a series of actions including submitting the job and processing to chosen outputs, you have the option to cancel.

    Publishing Progress in Live

  4. Once the publishing job has completed, click View or Download to open or save the output files.