Presentation frameset - On Premises: 6.4


The presentation frameset is made from three frames:

  • Body frame
  • TOC frame
  • Control frame


  • Body frame appears on the left of the frameset and displays the slide content. The Body frame is created from the title_template.htm, slide_template.htm, and the style sheets title.css, slide.css, and presentation.css.
  • TOC frame appears on the right of the frameset and displays the Table of Contents. The TOC frame is created using toc.htm and the style sheet toc.css. In the published presentation the table of contents frame can be displayed or hidden using the Show/Hide button on the footer or hidden using the hide button on the TOC frame.
  • Control frame appears at the bottom of the frameset and displays a link to the Author-it website, buttons for playing and stopping the presentation (for unattended presentations), a button for showing or hiding the Table of Contents, a link to the Presentation Help topics (online), and an Exit button to close the window. The control frame is created from footer.htm and the style sheet footer.css.