Perform a Web Help search for Non-Latin UTF-8 content - On Premises: 6.4


The Web Help Search function uses JavaScript, which doesn't support all UTF-8 character sets.

The default setting for Web Help output is to use exact word searching. This option fully supports English and other Latin languages. However, JavaScript does not provide full support when searching in other UTF-8 character set languages (such as Russian, Japanese, and Greek). Searching may result in the "No results found" message.

To set the default search behavior to partial word search:

  1. Open the index.htm and locate the configuration section.
  2. Locate the code for Set search results to match partial words by default.

    <!-- Set search results to match partial words by default -->

    <!-- Note: this setting will apply regardless whether the 'Match partial words' showing or not -->

    <input id="matchPartialWordsInResult" type="hidden" value="false" />

  3. Change the value in the input line from false to true.

    <input id="matchPartialWordsInResult" type="hidden" value="true" />

  4. Save the changes to the index.htm file.

When the Match partial words check box is not selected, Web Help uses exact word searching.

Web Help Exact Word Search for UTF-8 with No Results

Recommended setting for Web Help

For these languages, partial word search should be set as the default option for the Web Help output. The default option is set in the index.htm. Set this option for all output languages by updating the index.htm file in your Templates folder (this applies the setting to all publishing jobs), or apply the option to individual publishing jobs by setting the option in the index.htm file created in your published output folder.

When the Match partial words check box is selected, Web Help uses the Partial Word Search functionality for users.

Web Help Partial Word Search for UTF-8 with Results