PDF ProCSS Publishing - On Premises: 6.4


PDF ProCSS Publishing is based on 'Resolved XML'. Resolved XML output is a linearized version of the Published XML output. When you publish to XML Author-it generates a complete set of objects that allows you to restore the book in another Author-it library. That means that all variants and related objects (such as templates, styles and media) are included. Publishing to Resolved XML asks for variant selection and will only export the objects that are directly related to the book and the selected variant.

Resolved XML can be used to create a PDF or other output formats, based on XML. In this section we explain how you can get fast print output with Resolved XML to PDF and Antenna House (PDF ProCSS publishing).

Important: Resolved XML Publishing is only available for SQL Libraries and cannot be used in Jet libraries.

Note: Author-it can help you with Antenna House and CSS-templating. For more information please contact your reseller or Author-it Sales.