File Transfer - On Premises: 6.4


Use the File Transfer action to transfer files to a remote location using your FTP program after publishing has been completed.


To create a File Transfer action:

  1. From the publishing profile, select the Actions tab.
  2. Click the File Transfer action.
  3. In the Descrption field, type a name for the action.
  4. Type the FTP Server settings.
  5. Click Test Connection.

    A message box confirms if the connection was successful. If the connection fails, check the settings and test the connection again.

  6. Select the Include "All Output" check box to transfer all files from the publishing folder. You can also use wildcards to transfer specific file types.
  7. Click OK to save the action.
  8. Add the action to the After Publishing list.
  9. Save the changes to the profile.