Configure Output Location publishing profile option for quick-editing mode - On Premises: 6.4


Use the Configure Output Location option in the Publishing Profile to open a specific output file or location after publishing has completed. After this option has been created in Author, use the View option in the quick-editing mode Publishing Profile to open the published files.

View Files Using Configure Output Location

Important: The Configure Output Location option is a Publishing Profile that needs to be created in Author. Author-it Cloud does not allow you to edit Actions in the Publishing Profile. To use this option, submit a support ticket.


Usually when you publish to one of the outputs such as Word or HTML, selecting the View option opens the files associated with that output, for example the "doc" file or the "index.htm" file.

However, if you move your published files, or your if output undergoes some form of post-publishing transformation, you can give Author-it extra instructions to open the files.

  • Folder location: If you have moved your files after publishing, specify the new folder location to associate with the View option.

Configure Files Action