Configure Output Location - On Premises: 6.4


Use the Configure Output Location action to configure the file location so the View Output and Open Folder options point to the folder containing your files if you have moved them after publishing. Link the options to open a file in a different format if you have completed any post publishing conversion outside of Author-it, such as converting your Word document to another format.

Configure Files Action


The action's name is displayed in the Actions tab under the After Publishing actions.

File Location

Select this option when you are moving content to another folder and you want the option to open a different file from the default Author-it output.

Folder: Defines the location of the published output files.

  • Use publishing folder - Opens the content located in the default publishing folder. If the content has been moved use "Other".
  • Other - Used with an action that moves the content from the publishing folder to a new location. The Assign Output File action tells Author-it where the content is located after it has been moved so the "view" options link to the correct folder. At publishing, variables added to this field are resolved. The field allows the following special characters to be used; angle brackets (< >) used by variables, the backslash ( \ ) used for defining pathways, and underscore ( _ ) if used in folder names.

    For example, if you move the content to a sub folder within the publishing folder, instead of using the full path to the sub folder you can use <

Filename: Defines the file that will be opened. This setting defines the filename and the output format.

  • Use publishing filename - Choose this option when the document uses the book name. For example, if the X1000 book is published the document is named "X1000". If the output uses a different name choose "Other".
  • Other - Choose this option when the file name is different from the book name, or when you want to open a different file. Type the file name (without the file extension) of the file you want to link to the "View Output" option. Variables can be resolved by this field. The field allows angle brackets (< >) used when including variables.
  • Extension - Type the extension for the selected file. The format is ".[file extension]". You can type the extension with or without the dot, on choosing OK Author-it checks the format is correct and adjusts if necessary.

    Important: Make sure you do not add extra content to this field (such as text or extra file delimiters) as it will be automatically moved to the "Other" field on saving the action settings and may result in broken links.

URL location

Select this option when you are publishing files which are uploaded to a website. Add the URL for the website, for example, When you choose the View Output option in the publishing window the website opens in a browser window.