Configure IIS to work with JSON files - On Premises: 6.4


For Web Help to function on a web server, add the MIME type to support .json in IIS Manager.

To add the .json MIME type in IIS Manager 7:

  1. Open IIS Manager.
  2. Select the Default Web Site node.

    Note: By adding the support at the Default Web Site node rather than at the Web Help node, the settings will be inherited from the Default Web Site node and will not have to be manually reset if you need to reinstall Web Help.

  3. Double-click MIME Types.


  4. Click the Add… link under the Actions section to open the Add MIME Types window.


  5. In the Add MIME Type window, in the File name extension field, type .json.
  6. In the MIME type field, type text/plain.


  7. Click OK.

    You should now see .jsonadded to the MIME Types list.

    Note: If .json already exists in the MIME Types list, double-click to edit, then change the MIME type to saytext/plain.