Change the highlight effect - On Premises: 6.4


When a user selects a page from the related topics list Web Help temporarily highlights the page in the table of contents. Control this option in the index.htm file; the effect can be turned off or it can be displayed with your choice of color.

To change the highlight effect or color:

  1. Open the index.htm in Notepad and locate the configuration section.
  2. Locate the code for the Tree node highlight effect color, there is one option that can be changed. Locate the code then change the value attribute.
    • Remove the value to remove the highlighting effect:

      <input id="treeNodeHighlightEffectColor" type="hidden" value="" />

    • Add the hexadecimal code for the selected color without the pound/hash symbol ("#"):

      <input id="treeNodeHighlightEffectColor" type="hidden" value="CCCCCC" />

  3. Save the changes to the index.htm file.