Change the default text in the feedback email - On Premises: 6.4


The default text used in the Feedback email can be changed in the index.htm file located in your Web Help Templates folder.

To update Web Help's feedback email text:

  1. Open the index.htm in Notepad and locate the configuration section.

    <!-- The configuration section to show/hide icons and use values from Authorit variables -->

  2. Locate the code for the Default feedback text (this is found directly after the Send feedback icon tags).
  3. Add the text for your email message to the value attribute.
    • When you want to start a new line of text add %0D (percentage, zero, capital D) to the end of the previous line.
    • The default text must be enclosed in quotation marks.

      <!-- Default feedback text -->

      <!-- Note: to start a new line add %0D to the end of the line -->

      <input id="feedBackText" type="hidden" value="Update your message here" />

  4. Save the changes to the index.htm file.