Updating the Web Help Variables - On Premises 6.4


The published output uses the following variables, however, you only need to update the values if you are enabling the send feedback and edit topic in Contribute options.



< Web_Help_Feedback_Email>

Add the email address you want feedback emails to be sent to.

< Web_Help_Live_Server_Url>

Add the URL used by your installation of Author-it Contribute.

< Web_Help_Live_Server_Alias>

Add the library alias used by your Author-it Contribute library.

The default variables must be updated before the associated options can be used in the published output.

  • Feedback

    Update the feedback variable when you want to enable the Send feedback option in your Web Help.

  • Contribute

    Update both of the "Web Help Live" variables when you want to enable Web Help users to edit the topics in Contribute.

    The values are assigned to the Web Help book template, and are referenced in the index.htm file in the configuration section.

Important: After updating the variables make sure the new values are assigned to the book template.