Publish a variant book in Contribute - On Premises 6.4


In Contribute, when you publish a variant book, although the variant criteria values have been assigned to the book object, you still use the filter to select the values needed for publishing.

  1. From the book's right-click menu, click Publish Book...

    The Publishing tab opens.

  2. From the Select Formats panes, select the check boxes for each of the formats you want to publish.
  3. Click Add to Queue.

    The Assign Values To Publish window opens and displays the variant or variable criteria used by the book.

  4. From the variable drop down list, select the criteria you want included in your published output.

    If you select (none),the book publishes with its primary objects.

    Assign Variables to Publishing Job in Contribute

  5. Click OK to begin publishing.

Note: Publishing to XML does not prompt for criteria values. When you publish a book as XML, the published content includes all variant objects associated with the book.