Organization of the Style Sheets - On Premises 6.4


hv_src contains the style sheets (CSS) that determine the lay-out of the output. The figure shows the CSS files that belong to Author-it Honeycomb and are included in hv_src.

The following style sheets are included:

  • components: contains all default styles for Author-it Honeycomb components.
  • Fontstyle: the font is configured in this sheet. All icons are defined in a special font. This CSS defines which icon is used where.
  • Global_styles and Shell are also defining the interface.
  • ie-9 is a fallback style sheet required for IE9 compatibility.
  • jstree-custom: defines icons and colors for the table of contents tree. E.g. 'visited' color.
  • reset: ensures consistencies across browsers
  • theme: is the most important file for customization. Most of the items in this CSS are already defined in global_styles and Shell. The settings in theme.css override for example default colors. This means that if you want to change the look and feel, most of it you do in themes.css.
  • xtend-custom: if you want to add your own paragraph or character styles that are not defined natively in Author-it Honeycomb, you can add them in xtend-custom. Xtend-custom is the last css in the row, and overrides other settings.

    Note: When saving css files, be sure to save them as UTF-8.